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If you want to enhance your organizing experience, or you need a different type of support and accountability in reaching your organizing goals, Jody Adams of In Its Place also offers coaching. Jody is a 2011 graduate of the Coach Approach for OrganizersTM Foundation Training Program. Having obtained this skill set allows her to serve you in an expanded way by helping you ‘think and do’ differently, deepen your self-awareness and understanding, and foster discovery so that you can more clearly identify your goals and have accountability while reaching them.

Jody’s approach has always been to help you get organized in a personalized way that meets your needs, style, and goals.  The end result is creating the life you want to live and the space you want to live in.  So why coaching?  Jody still supports you in creating the life you want to live, but coaching enables her to do so in a different way.  Coaching is more of a partnership, so instead of being an expert by showing you how to solve your organizing challenges, she acts more as a facilitator by helping you to access the expert in your life (you!) and generate your own solutions.

Jody provides:

  • Stand-alone phone coaching sessions
  • Coaching during hands-on organizing sessions
  • Phone coaching appointments in between organizing sessions

Contact us for more information about coaching and to see if In Its Place is the right fit for your needs.