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Got Clutter?

If you’re struggling with the effects of clutter and disorganization in one or more aspects of your life, you’ve come to the right place…In Its Place!

  • Do the piles of “stuff” in your life cause you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, embarrassed, or out of control?
  • Do you waste time looking for lost or buried items at home or at work?
  • Do you waste money buying duplicate items, paying late fees on bills, or maintaining storage units?
  • Does the chaos of your home or office space cause you to be late for appointments or miss deadlines?

Clutter and disorganization can be overwhelming and rob us of emotional and physical health, happiness, and energy. The chaos and disorder of papers and possessions piling up around us can reduce our quality of life, deprive us of productive relationships with friends, family, and co-workers, and distract us from reaching our goals.

Contact Jody Adams at In Its Place for help with home organizing and office organizing.

Why Do I Have Clutter?

Our need to collect, cherish, and preserve the things in our lives can defy logic and override common sense. We may assign emotional value to items that remind us of people or experiences, leaving us unable to part with these items, even though they’re no longer functional or relevant to our daily lives. Perhaps we like to have everything in view, fearing if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Or we may feel the need to hold on to everything because we “may need it one day.” Our “desire to acquire” is further reinforced by the emphasis society places on consumption and material things.

Why Can’t I Make The Clutter Go Away?

“I can’t deal with it. I get so overwhelmed I just shut the door and walk away.” Paralysis. Lack of motivation. Inaction. These are common reactions to the stacks of paper and mail on every desk, table, and countertop, the cabinets that won’t hold another can or jar, and closets so jammed that they won’t hold ONE. MORE. SHIRT. It feels as if our brains are literally on overload, and we would rather walk away than deal with having to make any decisions about where to start, what to do, and where to put it all.

On the other hand, you may have tried to do something about the clutter. You may have thrown out bags of “junk,” taken a carload of donations to the nearest charity, or moved to a bigger space, only to find the piles and clutter building right back up again. Organizing is not just about your “stuff” – it’s about deciding what’s important to you, understanding how you function, and developing systems that support your choices and how you want to live.

How Can In Its Place Make A Difference?

Clearing the clutter and creating organization can help you to feel less stressed, be more efficient, and save time and money so you can actually live your life instead of reacting to it from beneath the layers of your “stuff.” It can even enable you to approach life with a different perspective and free up energy to explore new possibilities.

Jody Adams of In Its Place has the wide-ranging life experience, education, and professional skills to help you reclaim your home, your office, and your life from clutter in a way that is motivating, inspiring, and fun. Jody is respectful, supportive, and nonjudgmental as she works with you to address your individual concerns about your home organizing or office organizing needs. She helps you determine what is important to you, develops organizing solutions that fit your life, and teaches skills that will help you maintain the organization.

Visit our About page to discover why Jody Adams is the best choice for helping you overcome your organizing challenges and create a space you’ll love living in. Contact Jody Adams, Certified Professional Organizer® or if you’re more comfortable, give her a call at 724.850.7282.

Service Area

In Its Place provides professional home organizing and office organizing services. Our service area includes but is not limited to the following southwestern PA counties: Allegheny, Butler, Fayette, Indiana, Somerset, Washington, and Westmoreland.

In Its Place works in and around the Pittsburgh region, including the communities of: Allison Park, Apollo, Belle Vernon, Bloomfield, Butler, California, Carnegie, Churchill, Coraopolis, Delmont, Derry, Dormont, Edgewood, Export, Fox Chapel, Gibsonia, Greensburg, Hampton Township, Hempfield Township, Highland Park, Indiana, Irwin, Jeannette, Latrobe, Lawrenceville, Ligonier, Lower Burrell, Manor, McCandless, McKeesport, Monroeville, Mt. Lebanon, Mount Pleasant, Murrysville, New Kensington, New Stanton, North Hills, North Huntingdon, O’Hara Township, Penn Hills, Penn Township, Pittsburgh, Pleasant Hills, Plum, Point Breeze, Regent Square, Ross Township, Salem Township, Scottdale, Shadyside, Shaler, Somerset, Squirrel Hill, Swissvale, Trafford, Uniontown, Vandergrift, West Mifflin, White Oak, and Youngwood.

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